User OrganizationEdit

Initially, when a WebREcall account is requested, a group is created permitting all users from the same facility to share base-calling and file-type settings as well as reference sequences. A user group is generally made up of a number of Casual users and one or two Group SuperUsers.

User typesEdit

Currently there are three user types available in the WebREcall system.

Casual UserEdit

This is the most common user type. You will be able to upload and analyze chromatogram bundles, download text and fasta sequences, view coalesced chromatograms and make edits to ambiguous bases.

Casual users are able to modify a few of their WebREcall settings.

  • Choose in which language WebREcall will be displayed in
  • change their login passwords
  • Choose sequence download format (Fasta, Text, Both)
  • Setup one or more email addresses to which results can be sent

Group SuperUserEdit

The group SuperUser is responsible for managing a research group's analysis settings. In addition to all of the actions a casual user can perform, a Group SuperUser is able to adjust additional WebREcall settings which will be applied to their entire user group.

These group settings include:

  • .Abi / .Scf File naming syntax (to parse sample and primer identities)
  • Create, modify and delete reference sequences
  • Adjust the stringency of base and mixture calling
  • Permit or disallow regions of single coverage
  • Create and manage the passwords of Casual Users within their research group


Administrators are limited to BCCFE IT staff and have access to many of the important housekeeping functions of the website.